Syofni Erita was born in 1963 in the city of Bukittinggi to a woman whom she calls Amak Djusnelli and Apak Sabirin.

Education S-1 PGSD UNP. He began to become a teacher in 1983 at SDN Kubu Ateh Gulai Bancah, City of Bukittinggi and is now serving at SDN 04 Birugo, Kota.

The latest work is an autobiographical book ‘Minang Women Achieve Dreams’. He took advantage of the 2020 pandemic by joining the IRo-Society group. The book is the result of the guidance of Prof. Imam Robandi who was guided in 33 days. He is the Founder of IRo-Society, ITS Professor. Wait for the next work.
Bukittinggi, 02-06-2023


  1. Terima kasih perkenalannya Amak

  2. Assalamualaikum.
    Ma sya Allah. Luar biasa keren, Amakku.

  3. Hallo bu Syofni. Maaf baru sempat mampir. Mantap kali fotonya.

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